DE NACHTWACHT (Amsterdam) πŸ‡³πŸ‡±


DE NACHTWACHT is a steakhouse in Amsterdam located within a four minute walk from the Xtracold Icebar. It is the best steakhouse in Amsterdam. They offer a variety of food giving customers the option to pick from different types of meat including chicken, lamb, steak, and salmon. When customers walk in, they will find a variety of seating throughout the dining room, bar, and outside patio. The food was very delicious from start to finish. A few of my favorites included the Dutch shrimp cocktail, mixed grill, and the cheesecake with raspberry ice cream. YUM!!!!! One of the things customers will find is the food is a little expensive, but very fresh, which makes it definitely worth it. The staff was very well trained and they take very good care of their customers. Finally, customers who go to DE NACHTWACHT will find the atmosphere very relaxing in both the dining room and the bar, and full of activity outside on the patio.Oh, and before I forget, a fun fact that I learned which I thought I’d share with you all is DE NACHTWACHT is the Dutch version for night watch. If you are interested in checking out DE NACHTWACHTonline, click here:

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