Amsterdam Favorites 🇳🇱

Top Five To Do in Amsterdam

  1. Stromma Dinner Cruise
  2. Xtracold Icebar
  4. Diamond museum
  5. Tulip museum


My first time visiting Amsterdam was earlier this spring, I really enjoyed it. I was surprised with how nicely the city was laid out, and how easy it was to find the attractions that I wanted to see while I was there. I purchased an I Amsterdam city card that allowed access to all the public transport and many museums and attractions. It was very easy to walk around or take the public transportation of trams, buses, and metro. Also, the spring weather was amazing with all the tulips in bloom. It would often be hot and sunny during the day, and then a little cool at night. The things I enjoyed doing were the Stromma dinner cruise, Xtracold Icebar, Diamond Museum, Tulip Museum, and finally eating at DE NACHTWACHT’S. First, the Stromma dinner cruise is a fantastic way to see the city of Amsterdam at night. The cruise lasts a total of 2 ½ hours giving customers the opportunity to enjoy some of Amsterdam’s famous attractions from the canal while enjoying a four-course meal including drinks. Some of the attractions we viewed included the Anne Frank House, the Westerkerk Church, A’DAM LOOKOUT Tower, Maritime Museum, and the Nemo Science Museum. Secondly, a fun evening in Amsterdam was visiting the XtraCold Icebar. The icebar is an attraction that requires entry by reservations. When first entering the bar, customers will be given three tokens each. Two of the tokens are used for two free drinks inside the icebar itself, and the other is used for a complimentary drink in the lounge bar. Customers are given thermal coats and gloves when entering the ice bar to help keep warm since the temperature is -5 °C. When entering the icebar, customers are mesmerized by the ice room that is lit up in colorful lights. In fact, the mug was even made out of ice. It first looked like a frosty mug that was placed in the freezer, but it was actually an ice shaped mug. Gassan Diamond Factory and Museum is a jewelry store in Amsterdam that offers free tours of the factory. During the tour, customers learn all about the facets of grinding the diamond, as well as the history behind the diamonds. We also learn is the four C’s of a diamond. These include cut, color, carat, and clarity. They have their own patent on the Gassan 121 diamond cut that has 121 cuts in the stone allowing more light to pass through the stone giving the stone a brilliant and beautiful sparkle. Next, if you love tulips as much as I do, then the tulip museum is a must. The tulip museum is a great place to learn about the history of tulips. It is also a great place to take kids, especially with all of the different color tulips. The total time it takes to go through the museum is about 30-60 minutes. Also, I always thought tulips were native to Holland, but instead they are native to Central Asia. Finally, DE NACHTWACHT is a steakhouse in Amsterdam located within a four-minute walk from the Xtracold Icebar. It is the best steakhouse in Amsterdam. They also have a variety of seating throughout the dining room, the bar, and the outside patio. The food is a little expensive, but very fresh, which makes it truly worth it. The staff was very well trained, and they take very good care of their customers. I look forward to going back someday! Here is the link to the I Amsterdam city card:

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