Top things to do in Rome, Italy 🇮🇹

  1. The Colosseum of Rome
  2. Try some Gelato
  3. Italian Opera
  4. Spanish Steps
  5. Altare della Patria
  6. Vatican City



Buongiorno Roma, Italia! Today’s blog is on the top things to do in Rome. There are plenty of things to do and see in Rome, and I have to admit that Rome is my favorite city in Italy. The weather in Rome was warm and sunny during the day and a little chilly at night. The things I enjoyed doing most while in Rome included the Colosseum of Rome, Gelato, an Italian Opera, the Spanish Steps, the Altare della Patria, and the Vatican City.

My favorite attraction was the Colosseum of Rome, also known as the Flavian amphitheatre. The Colosseum of Rome is located in the center of Rome right across from the metro station. In school, I remember doing a paper on the Colosseum of Rome, and to actually stand in front of it and explore the inside was a dream come true. It was definitely an experience I’ll remember. Here’s aa fun fact about the Colosseum of Rome, it was built in 70 AD and was the largest amphitheatre ever built.



Besides the delicious pasta, I became obsessed with the Gelato. Gelato is a very delicious Italian ice cream that’s similar to a sherbet texture. Each gelato restaurant is filled with a variety of flavors. My favorites included mint, tiramisu, white chocolate raspberry, and mixed berry. Since a small one didn’t fill me, I ordered a bigger one, but with fresh fruit this time. It was very delicious, and very filling.


Next, if you are looking for a fun evening out, I highly recommend seeing an Italian Opera. In Rome, I saw La Traviata at Salone Margherita. La Traviata is a three act opera. I purchased the option of watching the performance with dinner that included a 3 course meal. We ate the first course of the meal before the show, and then went to our seats to watch the first act. We went back to our table to eat the second course during intermission between acts. After the second act we had our third course, and returned to our seats to see the final act of the opera. They allowed us to bring our beverage to our seats in the balcony to drink as we watched the performance.


The Spanish Steps is a very busy attraction in Rome. We climbed a total of 135 steps to get to the very top where the Trinità dei Monti Church sits. We also notice flower pots with beautiful flowers inside spread throughout the staircase.


The Altare della Patria is a monument building in Rome built for the first King of Italy, Victor Emmanuel. The Altare della Patria is an amazing building filled with many statues and the history of Rome. The building had an elevator outside that took us up to the top of the building with an amazing view of Rome. We even saw the Colosseum of Rome from the top!



Finally, another popular place to visit in Rome is Vatican City. Vatican city is the home of the Catholic Church and the Pope. The  museum, MCSEI VATICANI is the busiest museum in Rome. There are multiple lines of people down the street waiting to go inside to see the ancient artifacts. It takes hours to get inside, so I highly recommend going during the early hours of the morning when it first opens at 9 am. Also, if you prebuy your tickets, you can schedule your entry time to eliminate waiting in the long lines.



I look forward to visiting Rome again someday! Grazie mille for reading!!


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