Cheers Bar & Grill (Faneuil Hall Boston)


Cheers is a bar & grille that is based off the 1982TV series Cheers. The Cheers location I visited is located in the center of Faneuil Hall. Customers have the option to sit inside the bar area or outside on the covered patio on a nice day. The food is reasonably priced, and they have great service.They offer a variety of beverages including alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. They also offer a variety of food such as chicken fingers, burgers, sandwiches, pasta, and seafood. Customers have the option to order from their tavern menu or their specials menu. For the appetizer, my favorite was the calamari, and for the main meal my favorite was Carla’s Meatballs & Linguini served with garlic bread. Best pasta and meatballs I’ve had in a while. It was super moist with just enough sauce. I definitely recommend trying it.  Finally, customers who go to Cheers will find the atmosphere on the patio full of activity, giving customers the chance to see some of the entertainment by the street performers while waiting for their meal. If you are interested in checking Cheers online, click here:


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New England Aquarium (Boston)


If you’re in Boston looking for a kid friendly activity, I highly recommend the New England aquarium. The New England aquarium is located across from Faneuil Hall on the harbor on State Street and is one of Boston’s popular attractions. It houses up to more than a thousand aquatic animals.Some of the animals include African penguin, American lobster, Atlantic harbor seal, Sea lions, Sea turtle, Horseshoecrab, Leafy seadragon, Starfish, Sea urchin, electric eel, green moray eel, and a variety of fish. As visitors walk in, they will find a touching tank exhibit allowing kids to touch three different types of stingrays including Haller’s round rays, yellow round rays, and cownose rays as well as zebra sharks. My favorite was the sea lion exhibit. The sea lions loved showing off to the crowd by swimming towards us as we watched them through the glass. I remember as I was taking a picture, one of the sea lions turned its head away as if they were saying they didn’t want their picture taken. On the other hand, another sea lion spotted a group of young kids and excitedly waddled over to the kids to put on a display. I added a short video below for your enjoyment. If you are interested in checking out the New England aquarium online, click here:

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Harry Styles Live On Tour (Boston)


On Monday, June 18, I saw Mr. Harry Styles at the TD Garden in Boston, MA for his 2018 Harry Styles Live On Tour. I can’t describe how incredible the show was. Harry did such a fantastic job putting on a performance, and interacting with the crowd! I especially loved how he joked with a couple of fans when he invited them up to dance on stage with him. He had everyone in fits of laughter when he said, “Now you can dance on stage, but there is only one thing I ask. Don’t get in my way!” Fortunately, there were no Harry stage falls during this performance. His set list consisted of songs such as Only Angel, Woman, Ever Since New York, Two Ghosts, Carolina, Stockholm Syndrome, Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart by Ariana Grande, Medicine, Meet Me In The Hallway, Sweet Creature, If I Could Fly, Anna, What Makes You Beautiful, Sign Of The Times, From The Dining Table, The Chain, and Kiwi. It was also nice to see Harry go back to his old roots and sing songs from his days with One Direction. Even though I loved every song Harry performed, my favorites included Only Angel, Carolina, Stockholm Syndrome, Medicine, Anna, What Makes You Beautiful, Sign of the Times, and Kiwi. Harry has come so far as an artist from when he first started out with One Direction. If any of you are interested in going to a fun upbeat concert, I highly suggest going to see Mr. Harry Styles! Also, for anyone who’s interested in checking out the remaining tour dates for Harry Styles Live On Tour, click here:


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