Stromma Dinner Cruise in Amsterdam


An amazing way to see the city of Amsterdam at night is taking a dinner cruise. Customers can choose between two different cruise lines which include Lovers Canal Cruises and Stromma Canal Tours. Lovers Canal Cruises is a little more expensive than the Stromma Canal Tours. I went on the Stromma cruise, which lasted 2 ½ hours giving customers the opportunity to enjoy Amsterdam’s famous attractions from the canal, while enjoying a four-course meal including drinks. The food that was served was very delicious from start to finish. The appetizers, second course, and dessert were all a set menu except the main course, which customers were allowed to choose between veal, salmon, or vegetable lasagna. For my main meal, I enjoyed the veal served with a potato and bok choy. I enjoyed the variety selection of desserts that included light and airy vanilla curds served with rhubarb, chocolate mousse, and a macaroon. Some of the attractions we passed on the tour included the Anne Frank House, the Westerkerk Church, A’DAM LOOKOUT Tower, Maritime Museum, and the Nemo Science Museum. The atmosphere was very calming and romantic with candlelight in the background and the rope lighting on the arched bridges. I didn’t like that the tables were crammed up next to each other on the cruise because I felt like I was eating with another couple. The customers didn’t have any privacy to talk to their loved ones, especially when the neighboring table would overhear our conversation and interrupt or join into the conversation uninvited. I would definitely do the dinner cruise again the next time I visit Amsterdam.  I have also included the links to the Lover’s dinner cruise and the Stromma dinner cruise if any of you are interested in enjoying an evening dinner cruise on the canal in Amsterdam.


Lovers Canal Cruise:

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Harry Styles Live On Tour (Boston)


On Monday, June 18, I saw Mr. Harry Styles at the TD Garden in Boston, MA for his 2018 Harry Styles Live On Tour. I can’t describe how incredible the show was. Harry did such a fantastic job putting on a performance, and interacting with the crowd! I especially loved how he joked with a couple of fans when he invited them up to dance on stage with him. He had everyone in fits of laughter when he said, “Now you can dance on stage, but there is only one thing I ask. Don’t get in my way!” Fortunately, there were no Harry stage falls during this performance. His set list consisted of songs such as Only Angel, Woman, Ever Since New York, Two Ghosts, Carolina, Stockholm Syndrome, Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart by Ariana Grande, Medicine, Meet Me In The Hallway, Sweet Creature, If I Could Fly, Anna, What Makes You Beautiful, Sign Of The Times, From The Dining Table, The Chain, and Kiwi. It was also nice to see Harry go back to his old roots and sing songs from his days with One Direction. Even though I loved every song Harry performed, my favorites included Only Angel, Carolina, Stockholm Syndrome, Medicine, Anna, What Makes You Beautiful, Sign of the Times, and Kiwi. Harry has come so far as an artist from when he first started out with One Direction. If any of you are interested in going to a fun upbeat concert, I highly suggest going to see Mr. Harry Styles! Also, for anyone who’s interested in checking out the remaining tour dates for Harry Styles Live On Tour, click here:


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XtraCold Icebar in Amsterdam


A fun evening in Amsterdam was visiting the XtraCold Ice Bar. Inside the bar has a cold room, which is covered in ice. When first entering the bar, they gave us three tokens each. Two of the tokens are used for two free drinks inside the icebar itself, and the other is used for a complementary drink in the lounge bar. Customers are given thermal coats and gloves when entering the ice bar to help keep warm, since the temperature is -5 °C.It sure was cold! BURRR!!!!! Customers are mesmerized by the ice room that is lit up in colorful lights. In fact, the mug was even made out of ice. It first looked like a frosty mug that was placed in the freezer, but it was actually an ice shaped mug. I must have hugged my mug to tight because unfortunately my mug started melting too quickly and my drink started leaking out of the bottom of the mug. The bartender was great and replaced my drink with a new frosty ice mug. The two drink options in the ice bar were beer and a variety of flavored vodka shots such as whipped cream and nuts & nougat that tasted like Nutella. They had orange juice for non-drinkers and those that prefer a screwdriver! Following our two drinks and lots of pictures in the ice bar, we hung out to use our last token for another drink in the lounge, which had a full bar. The XtraCold Ice Bar requires customers to have a reservation, so make plans in advance. I have also included the link down below if any of you are interested.

XTRACold Icebar:


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Happy Garden


In Manchester, NH travelers can find a variety of Chinese restaurants. The Happy Garden is one of them. This restaurant is located on Hamel Drive right next to Hannaford’s supermarket, and has a good amount of seating consisting of tables and booths. The food that was served was reasonably priced and very good. My favorite was the number 12 dinner special. It consisted of Chicken Teriyaki, Fried Shrimp, Crab Rangoon’s, and Roast Pork Fried Rice. The roast pork fried rice was delicious, but it was a little dry. Next, customers who are looking for a meal that has a good kick, I highly recommend trying the Singapore Rice Noodle with curry. Knowing curry has different levels of spice, I wasn’t sure how strong the spice was going to be, but this dish had just the right amount. The only thing that was upsetting was the slow service. Each meal was delivered separately. The first meal delivered right away, while the rest of the meals were delivered to the table 15 minutes later. It was very frustrating waiting longer than what we should have for our meals. When the food was delivered to the table, it was very good. If you are interested in checking out Happy Garden online, click here:


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London Favorites🇬🇧


For my first time visiting London earlier this spring, I really enjoyed it. It is common to pack your itinerary so full because there is so much to do and see. Yet realistically, it is essential to space each event to account for a long wait in line for each experience. On my recent trip to London, I only had the opportunity to experience a fraction of the attractions that I expected. The average wait time for each event was 1 to 1 & 1/2 hours in line, and it was often cold and rainy making the wait a bit uncomfortable. Be sure to dress appropriately for the chilly rain and give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the activities. The places I enjoyed visiting were the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Wembley Stadium Tour, seeing three west end shows which consisted of Wicked, Mamma Mia, and Phantom of the Opera, eating at Pétrus, and finally doing a hop on hop off bus tour. First, the London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel that overlooks the entire city of London giving viewers an unforgettable 360-degree view experience. It is one of London’s famous attractions that is always busy, and has an average of 3.75 million visitors each year. Although I booked a reservation in advance, I found out that was not the time I would be getting on the London Eye, but it was the time that I could stand in line for the London Eye. I still waited over an hour in line to get on to ride the London Eye. It was very frustrating and misleading because I then missed some of the other activities that I scheduled that day. Secondly, Madame Tussaud’s is a wax figure museum that has over 200 life-size human wax figures. It is another attraction in London that gets very busy in the afternoon and evening, so I recommend going during the morning. Some of my favorite wax figures that I saw included Benedict Cumberbatch, Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Captain America, the royal family, and finally One Direction. Wembley stadium is the largest stadium in England, and I would consider it to be the best stadium tour there is! The stadium tour gives customers the chance to learn about the history of the stadium while getting the opportunity to go backstage and see the dressing rooms, players tunnel, press room, and the royal box. Then, at the end of the tour, customers will get the chance to hold the Emirates FA Cup for a photo. Even though I enjoyed seeing Wicked, Mamma Mia, and Phantom of the Opera, Wicked had to be my favorite musical at The Apollo Victoria Theatre. Wicked is about a girl named Elphaba, who is born with green skin and grows up to be the wicked witch of the west. This musical centers around before the Wizard of Oz giving the audience a backstory of what happened before, during and after the Wizard of Oz. London has a variety of restaurants, but my favorite had to be Pétrus, which is owned by Chef Gordon Ramsay. Pétrus is an upscale French restaurant with an amazing menu and service. It has a glass-encased wine room in the center of the restaurant that holds up to 2,000 different bottles of wine. Finally, by day four my feet hurt. The hop on hop off bus tour was a great way to sit back and relax while enjoying the history and enjoying all of the sites in the city of London. Some of the places the bus tour visits include The Tower of London, The London Eye, Madame Tussauds, London Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Zoo, The Shard, and Buckingham Palace. It was a great way to get around London and to visit many attractions. London definitely has a problem with over tourism making it difficult to fully enjoy. Even though I wished I had more time to spend visiting the attractions in London, I am pleased with my experiences. I definitely look forward to going back soon!

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Gordon Ramsay Pétrus


I’ve always been a fan of Chef Gordon Ramsay, and while I was over in London, I thought I’d try one of his restaurants. He has restaurants throughout the world such as California and Nevada in the United States, and London in the United Kingdom. While I was visiting London, I ate at the restaurant called Pétrus. This restaurant is an upscale French restaurant with an amazing restaurant with offerings. The restaurant has a large amount of seating spread throughout the restaurant giving each family or couple their privacy. The food that was served was very delicious from start to finish. For the appetizer, my favorite was the Wild Garlic Risotto, and for dessert, I enjoyed the raspberry soufflé. It was the best raspberry soufflé I’ve had. One of the interesting things that this restaurant has is a glass encasedwine room in the center of the restaurant. In fact, this wine room holds up to 2,000 different bottles of wine, and no matter where you’re seated in the restaurant, customers get a breathtaking view of all the different types of wines enclosed in the wine room.Another thing I really liked about Pétrus was the wait staff. The staffwas very well trained and took very good care of their customers. If they saw that your glass was getting empty, they would come over and refill it for you without being asked. They were also happy to answer any questions the customers had about the food. Finally, customers who go to Pétrus will find the atmosphere very comfortable with dimmed lighting making the atmosphere feel calm and romantic. My highlight of the evening was being invited to take a tour of the kitchen after the meal. It was nice getting an insight on how the chef’s prepared our meals from appetizers to desserts. In fact, I missed seeing Gordon Ramsay by a day! If you are interested in checking out Pétrus online, click here:

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Phantom Of The Opera at Her Majesty Theatre in London


While on my recent trip to London, I went to Her Majesty’s Theatre see the musical Phantom of the Opera. The Her Majesty’s Theatre has three beautiful levels of tiered seating with a Victorian grandeur that has great views of the stage no matter where you’re seated. The classical musical created by Andrew Lloyd Webber was so full of suspense and surprises, I was mesmerized.The musical’s first showing was in October of 1986, and has expanded around the world, while continuing to win awards throughout the years. I really enjoyed the evening! The cast did an excellent job and the opera singing was really on point. At times, I felt like I was at the edge of my seat from the powerful voices that surrounded the audience. The Phantom would show up in the most unexpected places, surprising and thrilling the patrons. It is a musical with beautiful opera music that I would recommend to all. I have also included the links to the Her Majesty’sTheatre and Phantom of the Opera musical if any of you are interested!


Her Majesty’s Theatre:


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