Turner’s Seafood in Melrose, MA


Turners seafood is one of the best seafood restaurants in Massachusetts. They have two restaurants located in Melrose and Salem, MA. Turners is a family owned business that serves a variety of fresh seafood from Oysters to Lobster. They have their seafood delivered fresh every day. Their raw bar offers a variety of oysters and clams that change based on availability. This restaurant has a variety of seating spread out throughout the dining room and the bar. The food that was served was very delicious from start to finish. A few of my favorites include the baked stuffed shrimp served with mashed potatoes and vegetables, stuffed clams, and sautéed sea scallops. Customers will find the food a little expensive, but very fresh, which is definitely worth it. The staff was very well trained and took very good care of their customers. Finally, customers who go to Turner’s will find the atmosphere very relaxing. If you are interested in checking out Turner’s seafood online, click here:  http://www.turners-seafood.com


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What happened to Kimball’s Farm in Jaffrey, NH?


Kimball’s Farm has always been a family favorite for years, and once they opened up for the summer, my dad would always take us down there, at least two or three times a month. When my dad was growing up as a little boy, his dad used to take him to the Kimball’s in Westford, MA when they only had a few ice cream stalls that were open. He’d always share stories with us where his parents would buy one Kimball special shared amongst six kids. It was huge and very delicious! When my father settled in NH, he was delighted to find a Kimball’s in Jaffrey. For years, we enjoyed going to Kimball’s. The food was delicious and the ice cream was fantastic. Sadly, we went to Kimball’s for the first time this season, and I’m not sure what happened. We ordered the seafood platter, chicken strips and a Kimball special. It was quite disappointing. The quality of the food was horrible, and the seafood platter was nothing like last year. The seafood platter and the chicken strips came to $41.00. I’m not even sure it was worth that price. The chicken strips were virtually inedible, and the Kimball special was our greatest disappointment. Hot fudge that wasn’t hot, and ice cream that an 8-year-old wouldn’t even touch. Can you imagine that an 8 year old would not gobble down ice cream? I should note I thought it was kind of strange that the parking lot was almost half empty on a hot Saturday afternoon in July. In the past, there were cars parking along the side of the road because the parking lot was overflowing. I hope this was just a bad day for them, and that the quality and the atmosphere is restored. Please feel free to comment on any of your visits and let me know if I should give it another chance.


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Cheers Bar & Grill (Faneuil Hall Boston)


Cheers is a bar & grille that is based off the 1982TV series Cheers. The Cheers location I visited is located in the center of Faneuil Hall. Customers have the option to sit inside the bar area or outside on the covered patio on a nice day. The food is reasonably priced, and they have great service.They offer a variety of beverages including alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. They also offer a variety of food such as chicken fingers, burgers, sandwiches, pasta, and seafood. Customers have the option to order from their tavern menu or their specials menu. For the appetizer, my favorite was the calamari, and for the main meal my favorite was Carla’s Meatballs & Linguini served with garlic bread. Best pasta and meatballs I’ve had in a while. It was super moist with just enough sauce. I definitely recommend trying it.  Finally, customers who go to Cheers will find the atmosphere on the patio full of activity, giving customers the chance to see some of the entertainment by the street performers while waiting for their meal. If you are interested in checking Cheers online, click here: https://cheersboston.com


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New England Aquarium (Boston)


If you’re in Boston looking for a kid friendly activity, I highly recommend the New England aquarium. The New England aquarium is located across from Faneuil Hall on the harbor on State Street and is one of Boston’s popular attractions. It houses up to more than a thousand aquatic animals.Some of the animals include African penguin, American lobster, Atlantic harbor seal, Sea lions, Sea turtle, Horseshoecrab, Leafy seadragon, Starfish, Sea urchin, electric eel, green moray eel, and a variety of fish. As visitors walk in, they will find a touching tank exhibit allowing kids to touch three different types of stingrays including Haller’s round rays, yellow round rays, and cownose rays as well as zebra sharks. My favorite was the sea lion exhibit. The sea lions loved showing off to the crowd by swimming towards us as we watched them through the glass. I remember as I was taking a picture, one of the sea lions turned its head away as if they were saying they didn’t want their picture taken. On the other hand, another sea lion spotted a group of young kids and excitedly waddled over to the kids to put on a display. I added a short video below for your enjoyment. If you are interested in checking out the New England aquarium online, click here: http://www.neaq.org

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Coffee Cake


Coffee cakes are one of my favorite treats. They are great for breakfast or as a snack. I wanted to try and make these again after not having them for awhile. It is super easy to make, and very delicious. I look forward to reading your comments!

Things you will need:

1 box of cinnamon swirl crumb cake (I used Krusteaz)

2/3 cups of water

1 egg


Instructions for Coffee Cake:

  1. Heat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Grease an 8X8 pan
  3. Dump cinnamon mixture into separate bowl
  4. Mix the water and egg into crumb mixture
  5. Place half of batter into pan
  6. Sprinkle half of cinnamon mixture on top of batter
  7. Lightly spread remaining batter on top, and sprinkle the rest of the cinnamon mixture on top of batter
  8. Place in oven for 40 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean
  9. Enjoy!!!


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Fourth of July Parfait 🎇


Fourth of July is coming up, and I thought I would try making some festive treats. This Fourth of July parfait if filled with sweetness and is perfect for this warm holiday. It is super easy to make, and very delicious. I look forward to reading your comments!

Things you will need:

Glass cup


Vanilla yogurt


Instructions for Parfait:

  1. Take a glass and place some sliced strawberries on the bottom
  2. Next, take the vanilla yogurt and layer it on top
  3. Finally, take the blueberries and place on top
  4. Enjoy!!!


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Fourth of July Cupcakes🎇


The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays, because it’s when all of the family gets together. There are a variety of recipes that can be made from appetizers to desserts. This holiday, I decided to get festive and try making Fourth of July cupcakes. These cupcakes are super easy to make especially for the Fourth of July. I look forward to reading your comments!

Makes approximately 9-12 cupcakes

Things you will need:

1 box of French Vanilla cake mix

16 oz. of vanilla frosting

Red and blue food coloring

Cupcake pan

Muffin cups

3 bowls

Instructions for cupcakes:

  1. Bake cupcakes as directed on box until toothpick comes out clean
  2. Pull out of oven and let it cool
  3. Place cupcakes on a plate or a cake container

Instructions for frosting:

  1. Split the frosting between 3 bowls
  2. In one bowl, take the red food coloring and add as many drops as needed until the right consistency of red.
  3. In the next bowl, take the blue food coloring and add a few drops until the right consistency of blue.
  4. Take your red icing and spread over the cupcakes you want red
  5. Next, take the white icing and spread over the cupcakes you want white
  6. Finally, take the blue icing and spread over the cupcakes you want blue
  7. Enjoy!!!

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