The Enigma Man Mystery: Cases Unfold

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Sundown Pointe Publishing is very excited to announce the release of Devan Roberts’ debut book, The Enigma Man Mystery: Cases UnfoldThe book is a mystery novel that portrays the story of a master sleuth known only as the Enigma Man. In the story, the Enigma Man partakes in a series of multiples cases and starts unfolding every story one after another. With every case solved, the story becomes more complex, even more difficult to solve. The Enigma Man gets called to help his long old friend, Detective Richards after cases result in dead ends, such as “The Sinking Limo,” “The Mine Shaft,” and many others. After solving every case, the duo ends up at the bar, having a drink to celebrate their success. The real test for the duo comes at the end, when they are given the case of “Birds Falling Out of the Sky.” Read more to know how the duo tackles some of the biggest challenges of their careers.

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