Niall Horan Flicker World Tour (Dublin)


On Thursday March 29, I saw Niall Horan at the 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland for his 2018 Flicker World Tour. Niall did another fantastic job performing as per usual. This show was a little better than when I saw him in Boston because he sang some songs by other artists such as Crying in the Club by Camila Cabello and Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen. He gave us a pleasant surprise by playing the piano while singing an unreleased song called So Long that unfortunately didn’t make it onto his Flicker album. His set list consisted of songs such as On The Loose, The Tide, This Town, Paper Houses, You and Me, Dancing In the Dark, Seeing Blind, Too Much to Ask, Flicker, Fools Gold, So Long, Since Were Alone, Fire Away, Crying in the Club, Mirrors, Drag Me Down, Slow Hands, and finally On My Own. He was excited to announce that he went platinum in Ireland and sold a total of 40,000 tickets just for his two Ireland shows. That is something to definitely be proud of because something like this doesn’t happen everyday to a lot of artists. Therefore, I send all of my congratulations to him! He has come so far as an artist from when he first started out with One Direction to now. I wish him many more years of wonderful success! For anyone who’s interested in checking out the remaining tour dates for Niall’s Flicker World Tour, click here:

I look forward to seeing him again! #FlickerWorldTour2018

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Niall Horan Flicker Sessions


On Friday, November 3, 2017, I saw One Direction’s Niall Horan at the Orpheum Theatre down in Boston, MA during his Flicker Sessions Tour. I can’t even describe how beautiful the show was. Niall did such a fantastic job putting on a performance, and interacting with the crowd! I especially loved how he scolded a fan for talking over him! During the performance, Niall sung the songs, The Tide, Seeing Blind, This Town, Paper Houses, You and Me, Fire Away, Flicker, Too Much To Ask, Since We’re Alone, On The Loose, Mirrors, Fools Gold, Slow Hands, and On My Own. However, even though I loved all of the songs he performed, my favorites had to be: The Tide, Seeing Blind, This Town, Flicker, Too Much To Ask, On The Loose, Mirrors, Slow Hands, and On My Own. I send all my congratulations to him for his album Flicker going number 1 in the United States. Something like that doesn’t happen every day, but when you listen to the album, you can tell he put a lot of hard work into it. So, congratulations Niall! Can’t wait to see you in concert again!

Nollaig Shona!

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