Gordon Ramsay Pétrus


I’ve always been a fan of Chef Gordon Ramsay, and while I was over in London, I thought I’d try one of his restaurants. He has restaurants throughout the world such as California and Nevada in the United States, and London in the United Kingdom. While I was visiting London, I ate at the restaurant called Pétrus. This restaurant is an upscale French restaurant with an amazing restaurant with offerings. The restaurant has a large amount of seating spread throughout the restaurant giving each family or couple their privacy. The food that was served was very delicious from start to finish. For the appetizer, my favorite was the Wild Garlic Risotto, and for dessert, I enjoyed the raspberry soufflé. It was the best raspberry soufflé I’ve had. One of the interesting things that this restaurant has is a glass encasedwine room in the center of the restaurant. In fact, this wine room holds up to 2,000 different bottles of wine, and no matter where you’re seated in the restaurant, customers get a breathtaking view of all the different types of wines enclosed in the wine room.Another thing I really liked about Pétrus was the wait staff. The staffwas very well trained and took very good care of their customers. If they saw that your glass was getting empty, they would come over and refill it for you without being asked. They were also happy to answer any questions the customers had about the food. Finally, customers who go to Pétrus will find the atmosphere very comfortable with dimmed lighting making the atmosphere feel calm and romantic. My highlight of the evening was being invited to take a tour of the kitchen after the meal. It was nice getting an insight on how the chef’s prepared our meals from appetizers to desserts. In fact, I missed seeing Gordon Ramsay by a day! If you are interested in checking out Pétrus online, click here:  https://www.gordonramsayrestaurants.com/petrus

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