XtraCold Icebar in Amsterdam


A fun evening in Amsterdam was visiting the XtraCold Ice Bar. Inside the bar has a cold room, which is covered in ice. When first entering the bar, they gave us three tokens each. Two of the tokens are used for two free drinks inside the icebar itself, and the other is used for a complementary drink in the lounge bar. Customers are given thermal coats and gloves when entering the ice bar to help keep warm, since the temperature is -5 °C.It sure was cold! BURRR!!!!! Customers are mesmerized by the ice room that is lit up in colorful lights. In fact, the mug was even made out of ice. It first looked like a frosty mug that was placed in the freezer, but it was actually an ice shaped mug. I must have hugged my mug to tight because unfortunately my mug started melting too quickly and my drink started leaking out of the bottom of the mug. The bartender was great and replaced my drink with a new frosty ice mug. The two drink options in the ice bar were beer and a variety of flavored vodka shots such as whipped cream and nuts & nougat that tasted like Nutella. They had orange juice for non-drinkers and those that prefer a screwdriver! Following our two drinks and lots of pictures in the ice bar, we hung out to use our last token for another drink in the lounge, which had a full bar. The XtraCold Ice Bar requires customers to have a reservation, so make plans in advance. I have also included the link down below if any of you are interested.

XTRACold Icebar: http://www.xtracold.com


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